Wednesday, January 20, 2010

By His Grace

The Grace of God...have you thought about what that really are some thoughts from my heart....may seem a little random but this is what His grace looks like to me.

These past few weeks I have been doing the Daniel fast ( which is challenging due to the fact that you can't have many of the foods that are part of our normal diet... meat,sugar, chemicals, dairy, bread just to name a few. I won't go in to all of the amazing benefits of this fast but for 3 weeks I have followed this regiment (with the exception of one meal) to the letter. As I have been detoxing from all the junk that goes in to our systems my mind has been cleared and my heart connected to my First Love in prayer again. We all go through spiritual dry spells and I was in one on and off prior to this fast. It was His grace that led me in this direction to do this particular fast. I could not have done this on my own... It is by His grace that I can pray and hear and listen and take my next breath for that matter.

Every thing that we have on our hearts and in our spirits to do for Him is not there by accident. He has placed in each one of us gifts and a purpose to further His loving His people, the lost AND the saved. He graces us to do this!

It's by His grace that I live in a beautiful home filled with the Holy Spirit and have fellowship with a woman that by His grace HE placed in my life... I am surrounded by His goodness.

It's by His grace that I have a prayer partner, my sister in Christ, though many miles away, that shares almost the exact same testimony as me with whom I can go and be as if no miles separate us...come together and praise Him for His goodness. For pulling us out of the pit of hell.

It's by His grace that I know what my purpose is each day, to glorify Him in my words and actions to them that don't know Him personally. It's by His grace that I don't get all legalistic in my approach with these people that He loves so very much...I don't have to do, I just have to be in HIM.

New chapters are unfolding in my be a part of a ministry for post abortive women called If Not For His Grace Ministries...But first He is taking me through the healing process of aborting my own children. Something that, by His grace and gentleness, He is showing me that I need.

So many are in bondage of fear, shame, guilt, condemnation, and pride. Not only the lost, but church going, Jesus loving, amazing people. I have a heart for these people...Jesus already did the work of freeing me from this bondage and by His grace, I hope to help the multitudes see what I am seeing....His grace to be accept and KNOW who we are in Him...made in His image. Victorious.

I could go on and on...the friends that He has reconnected me with and the restoration of relationships...God is good.

By His grace I am writing this to share with you...What does His grace look like in your life?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stay Pliable in My Hand

"The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly." John 10:10

O My child, be quick to obey. For the moving of My Spirit may at times be inconvenient to the flesh and may at other times be diametrically opposed to reason, but obey Me regardless of the cost. You will always be repaid for any sacrifice with an abundance of blessing. The more difficult the assignment, the richer the reward.

I will not force you to make the choice nor make My will inescapable. There will always be an easier way open to you and, to your mind, one that will seem more reasonable, involving less risk. I have calculated the risk to test and develop your faith as well as your obedience, and in the choosing process, I give you an opportunity to prove your love for Me.

Be sensitive to My Spirit. Be listening for My voice. I will guide you with My hand upon your shoulder. I do not intend to circumscribe your way nor handicap your freedom, but I intend to lead you into an increasingly abundant life and, by crucifying the desires of the flesh, to liberate your spirit.

don't resist Me or be unaware of My working; don't question what I am making. Trust and give Me a free hand. It will be a joyful surprise when the end is revealed.

From the book Come Away My Beloved, Francis J. Roberts

Yesterday, I began to get down about not having my own nomadic my life has been for the past six years. This is a topic that has been in the forefront of my mind for a while....a topic that causes me a myriad of emotions. Pride, of course, is at the root of each of these "feelings". It goes something like this in my mind (you may recognize the accuser of the brethren in here somewhere) 'had I not screwed up my life I wouldn't be in this position, having to live with family and friends, I should be a wife and a mother by now, not traipsing all over the country side...what will people think? I have no roots at 39 years old"...and on and on it goes.

Since I know what the Word says, and I am a woman of faith I turn to One who is in control, the One with whom I so love...My God, my savior, my comforter. I opened Come Away My Beloved and He spoke to my heart...He also said this...the truth...I would like to share what He said to me...

"I am grooming you into my likeness, I have saved you for this time in your life, I placed you in your earthly father and M2's home to protect you. I blessed you with women that serve me with their whole hearts while in that season...I had your full attention. Then I took you to Linda's for more protection but for much harder lesson's... On to your mother's home to reconnect you with her after many years of separation. Then back into your father's arms, for you did not finish what I had started in 2004, there was more work to be done. Now to enjoy Annie and fellowship and fun. I know the desires of your heart...thank you for trusting me and responding to my calling. You have been pliable in My hands. You are obeying Me when your flesh wants to rebel against Me. I am yours and you are Mine. I am preparing your husband as we speak. I am going before you...your abundant blessings are awaiting your arrival. I know the sacrifices that you have made and I know your heart. Your children will rise up and call you blessed. I love you, more than you can wrap your finite mind around. Stay Pliable, in that you will find not look to the right or the does not matter what people think or say...look to me my sweet girl. I will continue to do new things in you. You ask me daily to change you, to grow you, don't despise that. I do this in love for you, to bring you up higher."

Thank you Lord for who You are, forgive me for doubting You. Help me in my unbelief. In Jesus name, Amen.